Complete Tire Service – Lead, Zinc, Steel, Segmented Wheel Weights, Compounds & More. NYTech Has It All.

Wheel Balancing Solutions

Wheel weights, balancing compound,
centering solutions, lead-free wheel
weights & more.

NYTech Supply offers a complete line of tire service wheel weights to keep your vehicles running smoothly.

Whether you need lead, zinc, steel, or even segmented wheel weights – we have them all. We also offer a large selection of wheel balancing compounds and Tru-Balance wheel centering devices to help center truck wheels and drums on the axle, providing a much smoother ride! No need to dial indicate truck wheels to get them to run true.

Wheel weights are used by auto repair shops to balance tires so the give a more smooth and pleasant ride. We stock hundreds of wheel weights that come in non-lead adhesive stick-on, lead, steel, or zinc clip-on weights to choose from. Wheel balancing is important for proper tire wear and prolonged tire life. A slight imbalance in the rim and in the tire can result in a significant imbalance in the wheel assembly. It is important for automotive shops to restore proper balance for optimal results. Adhesive stick wheel balancing weights are an alternative to the standard clip designs because the adhesive stick can be applied to any rim surface no matter what the rim lip configuration.

Wheel balancers are essential tools for professional auto care centers and tire shops of all sizes. In combination with wheel weights, the proper balance can be achieved.