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Tech Tire Repair Supplies & Chemicals

When Your Tires Need More Than Air

For TECH Tire Repairs Supplies, Materials & Chemical Products, let NYTECH Supply, be your one-stop source.  TECH is the world leader in tire repair products from bicycles to earthmovers and everything in between. Tires can be a costly, time-consuming nuisance that can be repaired easily with the right tire repair products and tire repair chemicals.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All TECH Tire Repair items in this section, are only available for shipment to New York, Florida, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire.

Tech Tire Repair Supplies, Materials, and More

TECH tire repairs last the life of the tire and meet all standards for proper tire repair.  TECH tools and products offer a complete range of tube and tire repairs for every repair process from bicycle to off-road vehicles and of course cars and SUVs. Tech Tools give you a wide variety of tire repair tools that help you complete any job easily and with precision. With products for heavy trucks, off-the-road, agriculture, passenger, and light trucks, NYTech Supply is where you will find the high-quality tire and wheel repair products that experts want.

For over 80 years of innovation and development, TECH has offered its complete line of products to the automotive service industry that is unmatched and they stand behind its quality. Because of that dedication to quality products is why NYTECH Supply is a proud supplier.