The Most Important A/C Tools In Your Shop

Robinair A/C Equipment

Robinair is a global leader in automotive air condititioning equipment and accessories. Since 1956 automobile repair shops and commercial contractors have looked to Robinair for their A/C products.

Robinair Tools & Equipment for Air Conditioning & Refrigerant Systems

World Choice Tools and Equipment for Air Conditioning and Refrigerant Systems Robinair stations take the guesswork out of service, because they are designed to work the way you do – and to save you time in the process.

  • Consistent service from vehicle to vehicle, from technician to technician
  • Automatic air purge
  • Preset evacuation time
  • Prompts signal when it’s time to change the filter-drier and pump oil
  • Same procedure for each vehicle or system

Robinair Cool-Tech™ A/C Systems – Our Most Popular

Robinair Cool Tech Stations feature:


  • Automatic Operation
  • Program the evacuation time and recharge weight, then start recovery
  • Automatic hold after evacuation with buzzer alert
  • Check the gauges to make sure the vacuum holds and the system doesn’t have a leak or moisture and other contaminants

Automatic Air Purge

Air is the number one contaminant of A/C systems. The built-in air purge automatically eliminates excess air from the refrigerant tank during evacuation. Just pull a deep vacuum for at least 15 minutes to ensure that the system itself is free of air and moisture. During that time, any excess air that collects in the tank is eliminated.

Time Saving Technology

  • Built-in manifolds for one-connection service
  • Refrigerant is recovered through both high and low sides for fastest service
  • Charging is done by weight for the greatest accuracy
  • Charging a typical automobile takes only about 30 seconds with Robinair’s automatic stations

Support & Service

For all Robinair units, we provide support, training and service programs to back you up long after the sale. We are your full-service Factory Authorized Service Center for all your Robinair EnviroCharge stations. Our factory-trained technicians have one goal: to make sure you’re up and running as quickly as possible when your Robinair EnviroCharge stations fail.