Our most popular kit, The Performance Tire Kit contains all the tools, repairs, training manuals and accessories necessary to perform a proper nail hole repair in all types of passenger and light truck tires up 1/4″.

The #898 is perfect for a business just getting started in tire repair. We offer free, onsite training in tire repair and use this very same kit to help teach the class!

#898 includes the following:

  1. 249UL Uni-Seal Ultras & 250UL Uni-Seal Ultras
  2. 269 Carbide Cutter & 270P Carbide Cutter
  3. TRT105 Measuring Tool
  4. 704A Rub-O-Matic
  5. 738 Security Coat
  6. 760 Vulcanizing Fluid
  7. Low Speed Buffer & Accessories: S1032 Low RPM Buffer, S1040 Adaptor, S1043 Adaptor, S1046 (2) Adaptors, S893 Texture Brush & RH140 Contour Wheel
  8. Repair Tools: 910 Cement Tool, 911 Allen Wrench, 913 Slip Joint Pliers, 915 Spiral Cement Tool, 933 Rubber Scraper, 936 Stitcher, 951 Paint Sticks (12) & TK Knife
  9. Safety & Repair Manuals: S923 Safety Glasses, RM-4 Repair Manual & 111TM Repair Template