TECH’s Uni-Seal Ultra Max one-piece repair units provide a simple, quick, and safe method to properly repair commercial truck tires, industrial and small OTR tires. Gray cushion gum on the cap to permanently bond the repair to the tire. Gray cushion gum on the rubber stem to permanently seal out moisture and contaminants. Lead wire for easy installation. Cross-weave fabric offers reinforcement for both radial and bias tires. Best used with TECH’s Vulcanizing Fluid, Security Coat and Rub-O-Matic.

A simple, less expensive, yet effective chemical nail hole repair system vs. a time consuming, expensive, traditional section repair on light truck, truck, agricultural, and OTR tires.

  • The 291UL repairs up to 3/8″, 10mm injuries in the crown area of both radial and bias light truck, truck, agricultural, and OTR tires.
  • The 291UL cap has cross weave technology which allows the repair to flex, resist heat and reinforce the inner liner of the tire.
  • The 291UL now comes with a lead wire attached thus ensuring a simple and fast insertion of these repair units into the tire injury.
  • Tech’s grey cushion gum is applied to both the stem and the cap of the 291UL, thus assuring superior vulcanization and a permanent repair.