Hospital-grade germicide proven to be effective against Staph, Salmonella and Pseudomonas. America’s 1st Registered Germicidal Cleaner (EPA Reg. No 6943-1).

Safely cleans bathroom, classroom, kitchen, hospital and other public surfaces with minimal effort.

For use anywhere that has had bodily fluid such as blood, saliva, urine which creates an hazardous environment for others.

Kills gems quickly and effectively while destroying odor-causing bacteria.

Contains no bleach, acids, chlorinated or petroleum solvents. Ready to use. No dilution required.


  • Perfect for Nursing homes, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Restaurants.
  • Sanitizes non-porous surfaces that will not be in contact with food
  • Cleans and disinfects non-porous equipment such as hard hats, head gear, respirators, full face breathing apparatus, goggles, glasses, hearing protectors
  • Inhibits growth of mold and mildew on non-porous surfaces that have been exposed to sewage, flooding or water damage
  • Highly effective carpet deodorizer