• Replacement kit contains three blades and an anvil for the 3M™ Universal Cutting Tool PN 61479
  • Genuine 3M replacement parts offer optimal cutting performance
  • Accurately cuts 3M™ Wheel Weights to the desired length and weight
  • Part of the 3M™ Weel Weight System that is designed to enable precise wheel balancing

3M™ Replacement Kit PN61592 contains 3 blades and 1 anvil that are genuine 3M replacement parts for the 3M™ Universal Cutting Tool PN61479. Our replacement blades and anvil will maintain original performance standards of the cutting tool, which is designed to precisely cut wheel weights to the exact weight and length required for automotive wheel balancing applications.

When the time comes to replace the blades and anvil of your 3M™ Universal Cutting Tool PN61479, choose the 3M™ Replacement Kit PN61592 — which contains 3 blades and 1 anvil for optimal cutting performance. These are genuine 3M approved replacement parts for the cutting tool. Our replacement parts and cutting tool are part of the 3M™ Wheel Weight System which combines conformable wheel balancing material and industry-leading 3M™ Automotive Attachment Tape to provide an all-in-one, securely attached wheel weight balancing system.