Wholesale Zinc Clip-On Wheel Balancing Weights

Wholesale ZINC Clip-On Wheel Weights


NYTECH has the right Zinc Clip-On Wheel Weights for every vehicle, whether it’s new or old, domestic or import, passenger car or light truck, or a commercial truck of more than 1 ton. The most trusted line in wheel weights is also the most comprehensive.

NYTECH offers a complete line of clip-style weights and adhesive wheel weights and leads the industry in environmentally friendly ZINC weight production. Discover the NYTECH difference today.

Zinc wheel weights are a cast part and they feature the same contoured shape as traditional lead weights. This allows for an easier transition and a seamless look on the wheel. Zinc is also a non-ferrous metal which means Zinc wheel weights will never rust, unlike other non-lead options such as steel. Another benefit is the easy application. Zinc wheel weights are much easier to install than traditional non-lead wheel weights options. This is why they are the preferred non-lead choice by installers everywhere.

Passenger Car & Light Truck Zinc Clip-On Wheel Balancing Weights
We are proud to offer our zinc weights in all eight of the standard wheel weight clip types which utilize the Perfect Equipment invented, industry-standard wheel weight color code system for easier inventory management.

Perfect Equipment – Zinc clip-on wheel weights feature a ‘clip-0n-body’ design, that will provide an inseparable bond for the highest safety standards.

Warning: Some states, municipalities, and companies may restrict the use of lead. Plombco’s exclusive Plasteel® offers the best alternative to lead wheel weights.


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