Wholesale 3M Non-Lead Wheel Balancing Weights

3M Non-Free Wheel Weights - 3M Non-lead Wheel Weight Supplies3M Lead-free wheel weight supplies
3M Non-Lead Wholesale Wheel Balancing Weights – Designed to have less impact on the environment than the industry standard lead wheel weights, the 3M™ Lead-Free Wheel Balancing Weights System is a proprietary product with unique properties built to meet our customers’ ever-increasing needs for sustainable, quality products. The 3M Wheel Balancing Weights System consists of a unique, flexible, and conformable material available in an easy-to-use, self-dispensing package used with a stand and cutting device.

The 3M Wheel Weight material is provided as a roll good designed to be cut to weight. This provides a precision balancing, which enables customers to reduce their cost of ownership by eliminating traditional wheel weight inventories of individual part sizes.

3M Wheel Weights will give your customers a balanced ride. They are designed to be cut to weight to meet precision wheel balancing requirements. 3M Wheel Weights feature industry-leading 3M Attachment Tape, which has been used for decades to securely attach a wide variety of trim accessory parts to millions of vehicles.

Lead-Free, Corrosion-Free Design Designed to replace environmentally harmful lead wheel weights, corrosion-free 3M Wheel Weights enable maintenance of expensive wheels and enhance overall vehicle appearance.

3M Wheel Weights System (pdf)

Some states won’t allow the sale of a Lead base wheel weight. Lead-free wheel weight, zinc, and steel weight are the alternatives that are more environmentally friendly. This greener alternative won’t sacrifice important characteristics such as retention and corrosion resistance. Switching to lead-free alternatives such as steel or zinc will allow each of us to reduce the impact of lead accumulation in our environment.


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