Self Adhesive Wheel Balancing Weights / Stick On Wheel Weights

Adhesive Wheel Balancing Weights

Wholesale Self Adhesive Wheel Weights For All Vehicles Including Lead, Steel, and Zinc to give you the stick-on wheel balancing results you want.

Adhesive Wheel Weights - Stick on Wheel Balancing Weights

Self Adhesive Wheel Balancing Weights

A lot more drivers today have aluminum rims. That means your customers will require self-adhesive wheel weights. Having a large stock on hand certainly won’t hurt. We offer different types that range from polymer, coated, to zinc-planted.

Polymer Surface Wheel Balancing Weights

This type of weight is made of lead. They are typically used on motorcycle wheels. They are slightly thicker than those used on automobiles. These wheel weights are not prone to corrosion.

Coated Surface Wheel Balancing Weights

These are simply steel wheel weights painted a certain color. If you have black rims then you can use coated weights that are black to help hide them.

Zinc-Plated Wheel Balancing Weights

Zinc-plated weights are galvanized so you get less corrosion. This is a good thing as we know living in Upstate New York the roads get a lot of salt in the winter months.

When choosing adhesive wheel weights, you will want to look at a few things. Design is one of them. The larger the rim, the higher the risk that the weight looks like an element that was stuck there as if by accident. It should rather fit the overall rim design so with that in mind, it might be a good idea to sort mode silver or black wheel weights.

A benefit of adhesive wheel balancing weights is they take almost no time to install. Count how many cars you work on daily. If you have to take off every wheel and balance it and then remount it, that consumes a lot of your time. Saving a few seconds may not seem like a lot but if you deal with many cars during the day, it makes your work faster.


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