Wheel Balancing Compounds

Continuous balancing throughout the life of the tire. Proper tire maintenance involves a constant balancing that will, on one hand, maintain fuel efficiency and, on the other hand, maximize the life of the tire. Traditional external weight tire balancing means rebalancing your tires at regular intervals. With TECH/MAGNUM+ and COUNTERACT, all tires can be efficiently balanced throughout their life because the beads retain their physical characteristics and never disintegrate, thus they will outlast your tires giving you the results you need.

The Counteract Balancing Beads Guarantee
Counteract Balancing Beads are the economical way to balance the vehicle wheel assembly for the lifetime of the tire. Made of coated glass spheres, our balancing beads will not cause damage to the inner liner of the tire, they won’t clump, regardless of excess moisture and are TPMS compatible. We guarantee they will be the best method of balancing your tire and complete wheel assembly.




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