Automotive Shop Chemicals

NYTECH Carries a Vast Supply Of Chemicals For Use In Your Shop. From Brake Cleaner To Lubricants, NYTECH Has What You Need.

  • Anti-Seize Thread Lubricant is a high temperature semi-synthetic grease with a high percentage of premium quality, micro-fine copper flakes fortified with high quality rust and corrosion inhibitors. Prevents galling, corrosion, sticking and seizing. Helps to reduce wear in heavy pressure applications. Use during assembly to assure easier disassembly.
    • Works Best On: Exhaust manifold bolts, head bolts, EGR valves, oxygen sensors, spark plug threads, brake assemblies, cylinder heads, transmission shafts, stainless metal
    • Color:  Copper
    • Waterproof
    • Temperature Range:  -30°F to +2000°F
    • Non-Flammable
    • Oxygen Sensor Safe
    • Chemical Solvent Resistance to automotive fluids
    • Provides good electrical conductivity
  • Rubber cleaner for removal of contaminates prior to buffing. 1 quart
  • A quick dry cement for hot or cold applications, to be used with all Quick Fix Repair units. 8oz
  • Bead and rim sealer seals leaks between tire bead and wheel flange. 1 quart
    • Use half the soap, get twice the results. Contains the antimicrobial PCMX. Developed specifically for professional technicians.
    • Low solvent content formula.
    • Removes stubborn grease and oil
  • Zenex Magic All Natural Industrial Hand Cleaner This product is fortified with supreme skin conditioners and biodegradable scrubbers. Its thick concentrated formula reduces hand soap use by up to 75%. Non-solvent formula eliminates drying and cracking. It contains superior skin emollients & skin conditioners, and comes with no dyes or perfumes. It contains natural walnut shell scrubbers, no phosphates and washes away completely with no greasy residue. It contains the antibacterial ingredient "PCMX". This heavy duty solvent free cleaner does it all. It cleans the toughest soils, greases, inks, paints, and almost anything else. Fortified with a new generation emollient package that leaves your hands feeling great. The concentrated one soap that does it all. MAGIC MSDS
    • Removes oil, grease, brake fluid and contaminants quickly and with no residue.
    • For use on all ABS, disc and drum brakes
    ⚠️WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm. — 2413-MSDS  
    • Removes oil, grease, brake fluid and contaminants quickly and with no residue.
    • For use on all ABS, disc and drum brakes.
    • For sale in areas that restrict the VOC content of consumer products to 45%.
    ⚠️WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm. — 2417-MSDS
  • OEM specified. All-purpose, medium strength threadlocker. Ideal for all nut and bolt applications 1/4" to 3/4" (6mm to 20mm). Eliminates need for stocking expensive lock nuts and lock washers. Locks and seals while preventing parts loosening due to vibration. Protects threads from corrosion. Removable with hand tools for easy disassembly. Conforms to ASTM D 5363 AN0321 (Mil-S-46163A, Type II, Grade N). 24240-MSDS
  • Synthetic Caliper Grease is a high quality, synthetic brake grease formulated to prevent disc brake squeal and increase brake life by protecting and lubricating brake parts.  Prevents rust and corrosion.
    • Works Best On: Disc brake caliper, brake hardware, spark plug boots, battery terminals, electric connections, valves and bushings
    • Color:  Blue
    • Waterproof
    • High Dielectric Strength
    • Prevents rust and corrosion
    • Non-Melting formula
    • Temperature Range:  -5°F to 400°F
  • Dual Purpose. A permanent, high strength product that is applied to fasteners 3/8" to 1" (10mm to 25mm) in size before assembly. Designed for securing parts that must withstand heavy shock, vibration, or extreme chemical or environmental conditions. Also used for sealing and securing cylindrical metal assemblies. Localized heating and hand tools are required to separate parts. Conforms to ASTM D5363 AN0331 (Mil-S- 46163A, Type II, Grade O). 26240-MSDS
    • Instantly removes oil, grease and dirt from a wide range of electrical components without leaving a residue.
    • VOC Compliant.
    • Fill Size: 10 OZ
    ⚠️WARNING: Reproductive harm. — 4600-MSDS  
    • A lubricant and penetrant
    • Special additives loosen rust and soak into subsurface areas.
    • Fill Size: 10 OZ
    • Specifically formulated to provide superior all purpose lubrication and protection.
    • Prolongs life, prevents squeaks and lubricates.
    • Can be used on door hinges, seat racks, wiper linkage, carburetor linkage and window channels; to list a few applications.
    • Fill Size: 10 OZ
    ⚠️WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm. —
    • All-purpose lubricant that protects against rust and makes surfaces friction resistant
    • Withstands moisture, freezing and high heat
    • For use on various automobile parts, process equipment and hand tools as well as many items in the home.
    • Fill Size: 11 OZ
    ⚠️WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm. — 4604-MSDS
    • Provides a lead-free protective coating
    • Protects terminals from corrosion
    • Improves starting
    • Promotes longer battery life.
    • A specially formulated product to help remove corrosion.
    • Neutralize acid spills.
    • Assure maximum battery current flow.
    • With Acid Indicator
    • Fill Size: 10 OZ
    ⚠️WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm. — 4606-MSDS
    • A new formulated Carburetor Cleaner made to meet the new lower VOC requirements in California and the OTC states.
    • Formulated to meet VOC requirements in California.
    • Fill Size: 16.25 OZ
    ⚠️WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm. — 4642C-MSDS
    • A premium, foaming, water-based degreaser which is self emulsifying.
    • Two active ingredients mix with both oil and water.
    • When sprayed on and washed off, the water actually pulls oil and grease off the surface of the engine.
    • VOC compliant.
    • Fill Size: 16 OZ
    ⚠️WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm. — 4644-MSDS
  • Description: New technology that immediately freezes and shrinks seized and corroded nuts, bolts, pins, hinges, and studs allowing the lubricant to penetrate and loosen the toughest applications.
    • Shock Freezing Releases Seized Parts
    • Released Parts Remain Lubricated & Protected From Corrosion
    • Non-Cholorinated and Low VOC
    • 360 degree Spray Anyway Valve