Adhesive Wheel WeightsFor decades clip-on wheel weights have outnumbered other types of weights used on motor vehicles. Today a different type is becoming more popular and they are adhesive wheel weights. It is estimated that adhesive wheel weights make up around 35% to 40% of the aftermarket.

The industry change is being driven by adhesive usage growth at the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) level and the universal appeal of adhesive wheel weights and they are easier to install. This of course doesn’t mean clip-on wheel weights are going away any time soon.

The slow progression to the adhesive in OEM is due to the fact that flanges are slowly being removed from rims. One factor that could be driving this change is cost. Adhesive wheel weights generally cost less to produce. It is worth noting that clip-on and adhesive wheel weights are all priced relative to the cost of their raw materials like lead, zinc, or steel.

More Accuracy Required

Flangeless alloy rims are making traditional clip-on wheel weights unusable and that is why adhesive wheel weights are slowly be worked in. From a consumer standpoint, they don’t like to see wheel weights on the inside of the flange of the wheel. When you get rid of the outside wheel weights then more adhesive weights will need to be used.

Adhesive weights need the balancer and the technician to be more accurate and more care needed when applying them so they do not peel off.

Balancers Has Evolved

Advanced in CEMB Wheel Service Equipment has helped technicians to place the correct amount of clip-on weights exactly where they need to be. Wheel balancers have advanced technology that can make the process faster and easier. They often feature functions that lock the wheel in place, laser pinpoint the weight’s exact location, and lighting to illuminate the barrel of the wheel. For adhesive wheel weights, the area for them to be applied needs to be cleaned with a solvent that dries fast. Clip-on weights don’t need the wheel to go through this cleaning process so this method is faster for them.